Maindy Flyers is a cycling club with an emphasis on road and track racing.  Although racing is not compulsory and a number of our members choose to train and develop without racing, the majority of the coaching is focused towards developing the skills and fitness required to race.  Please read the information below if you wish your child to join.  Firstly they must take part in the induction process and trial sessions.

ALL new riders must attend an induction and then a 4 week trial-there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

We take great care and diligence to provide you with everything you need to know in advance of your child's induction to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable time.  We ask that you please click all the links below and read all the information provided so you are clear on what to expect and what to bring along before deciding to contact us for any further information.

PARKING - When attending the trial, please note that you must register your car's plate on the iPads in reception.  Failure to do so could result in a fine.

We are a very busy club and our membership is growing at a fast pace. Safety is our primary concern. We need to be sure that riders joining our sessions meet a number of safety criteria so that we don't impact on our current members and our new members get the right level of support and guidance. We need to ensure the correct rider to coach ratios are observed at all times and that the coaches can fully assess levels of ability and feed new riders into the correct sessions.
The club caters for young riders from the age of 6 up to 18. Your child must be at least 6 on the date of the trial. Younger riders may wish to take a look at the Learn to Ride/Go Ride scheme that is run by the leisure centre. Contact them directly for more information
  • A road worthy bike (one can be borrowed if necessary, depending on the rider size)
  • Suitable clothing for the weather. No loose fitting leg wear and shoe laces can't be allowed to foul the chain
  • A correctly fitting helmet
  • Gloves/mitts as they protect hands if the rider falls. In colder months they protect against cold too
  • A drink
The initial induction comprises of a half hour briefing for all new riders, please be on time as briefing is key. The coaches will explain how we work as a club and the expectations for the session that day on the track along with any key safety points. Then, the riders will get ready to ride the track. Coaches will check everyone is on a road worthy bike (we have a number of bikes for all different sizes in our bike store if you don't have your own) and is wearing suitable clothing, helmet and gloves. Any rider with an unsuitable bike, not wearing suitable clothing, helmet and gloves will NOT be permitted to ride.
During the session the coaches will deliver a variety of the exercises that are delivered each week at the normal club sessions. This will give the riders a taste of what they can expect. The coaches will split the groups into abilities and will tailor the tasks accordingly. There will be no endurance or physical tests in the induction, but the coaches will assess the riders competence and ability to follow instructions.
Whilst your child is familiarising themselves with the track, parents will be required to attend a briefing of their own. Here we will talk to you about how the club runs, what you can expect as a member and what is required of you as a cycling parent. After this, you are able to go and watch the rest of the session.
During the on track session, our qualified and experienced coaches will look after your child, all parents are requested to remain outside of the track. You can get a perfect view from the railings. No parent is permitted in the track centre whilst the session is in progress for any reason. Please understand this is for the safety of all of our riders. Also, we ask that parents refrain from shouting commands to their children whilst the session is underway. The coaches will be delivering commands to the riders often whilst they are riding to keep the session moving, they need to be heard clearly by the riders. Shouting from the sideline may confuse the riders and potentially cause them to look around which has implications on track safety. Please save your praise and comments for after the session.
The coach will have conducted an assessment on your child’s level of ability and confidence during the session and will provide each rider with days and times of suitable sessions for them to attend over the following 4 weeks. Parents are invited to bring their child to those sessions for a 4 week duration at no charge. Each rider MUST sign on before every session.
To secure a place on our induction, you MUST follow our online booking process at the bottom of this page. We do not accept booking via email, word of mouth, telephone or any other means. Places are available on a first come, first served basis. You will find the next available trial session in the booking calendar. Create an account, create a new booking and fill in the necessary information for your child.  Upon submission you will be sent an email confirming your place. If you have more than one child attending, then create two bookings, one for each individual child.
You may join the club and pay the monthly subscription. Your child is then welcome to join in any of the sessions prescribed for them and relevant to their ability and skill level.
Maindy Flyers is a very popular club with a lot of members. The club has limits on the number of riders that can be coached and can be on the track at any one time. The club does its best to offer trial rides and induction for new riders when capacity becomes available. You are welcome to contact the club should you require more information. Younger riders may wish to contact the leisure centre as there are some 4.30pm sessions that are run by the them.

Before you email us with questions regarding the induction, as a reminder, please read the detailed information provided on this page.  If you have any further questions that have not been answered then feel free to contact us

If you are comfortable with everything you've read then proceed to booking your place below.  Don't skip the info above!