With the popularity of cycling at an all time high and demand within junior cycling clubs continuing to increase, Maindy Flyers will always welcome new volunteers to help inspire the next generation of cyclists.

Maindy Flyers is a volunteer led organisation.  For us to continue to manage the day to day running of the club, as well as making sure there are a selection of race events for youth and junior riders across Wales and the UK to take part in, more volunteers are always needed and appreciated.  The kind of help needed is wide and varied, assisting at sessions (you may want to get involved in coaching), club administration or event organisation are some examples.

Why Volunteer?

Every persons motivation to volunteer is different and there are a lot of great reasons to make a contribution to the running of the club and its activities.  We would encourage you to volunteer as there are many benefits to you personally, which include:

  • Making a real difference to the club and your fellow cyclists
  • Gaining a lot of satisfaction from helping others
  • Meeting people and socialising
  • Developing existing and new skills
  • Giving something back to the sport

The main areas of volunteering are outlined below (click here for more information from British Cycling):


Coaching is at the heart of cycling performance at every level, from teaching basic bike handling skills, to training riders for specific events, disciplines and competition. Coaching courses are available through British Cycling.  Coaches give their time voluntarily and are not paid by the club.

Club Management

Whilst the committee is at present fully represented, there will in future be a need to replace existing positions as members move on or are no longer able to continue with their role.

Officiating and Marshalling

Maindy Flyers hosts a number of `Go-Ride’ events each year which include the freewheel and mini leagues.  These events require many volunteers to carry out roles such as timekeeping, judging, riders whip, gear check and signing on steward to name but a few.

Any events hosted at Maindy Flyers that require volunteers will be published on our Facebook page.  We will inform you well in advance of the event dates, the amount of time that you are needed for and provide any instruction and training required.  You will https://handsfreehealth.com/hfhealth/buy-levitra-online/ probably need to attend at least one meeting before the event.

Consider your interests, skills and strengths and what you might be able to offer to the club.  Evaluate how much time you are able to commit to volunteering, whether its 10mins or 10hrs, the club will always welcome an extra pair of hands.  Being realistic about the time you are able to commit will help us to assign relevant tasks.

There are many cycling events within our club’s geographical area every year and they all rely on officials and marshalls to ensure they are safe, fair and most importantly fun.  As a club we would like to support these events.  Join the Welsh Cycling Volunteer Network here – you can commit to as many as events as you wish.


Recently the British Cycling compliance team have undertaken a review of the safeguarding policy and produced a policy and accompanying guidance to cover children.  This has ensured that the policy is fit for purpose and reflective of good practice guidance from the Sport and Recreation Alliance.  Following on from this, to act within the law, British Cycling must ensure that criminal record checks (Disclosure & Barring Service) are carried out on all volunteers who work closely with children.

So if you do decide to sign up as a volunteer you will be required to complete a survey to enable a justifiable decision to be made as to whether that particular role requires clearance.  The survey can be found here.

We will then issue you with a pack that contains the following:

  • Volunteer agreement form
  • British Cycling Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy
  • British Cycling Code of Conduct
  • British Cycling Equality Policy
  • Health and Safety Guidelines (if appropriate for role.)

The volunteer agreement form will be held at the club so that we can keep an official record of volunteers, events attended, role undertaken, training received and whether your DBS check is due for renewal (if required).  Personal data will be secure and not shared with third parties.

Volunteering is immensely satisfying and rewarding, as well as being vital to the continued success and survival of our club.  If you have any questions or would like further information about a particular role, please do not hesitate to contact the club here.