TdF Press Release


Maindy Flyers, the Cardiff Cycling Club where Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas started cycling, is celebrating after seeing one of our former riders in the yellow jersey in Paris.

Geraint Thomas was one of the original Maindy Flyers, starting cycling with the club at the age of 10, when it was established back in 1995. Today, the Club has grown to 140 members and given that we had 1300 hits to our website on just one day this week, that number is set to rise.

Team Sky at Maindy Flyers 2017

Geraint Thomas has not forgotten his roots and has come back to the Club several times to spend time with our young riders.

Maindy Flyer, Oscar Bell aged 10 said “I joined Maindy Flyers because of G’s success in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. He’s such an inspiration and he spent a morning with us last summer, just riding around on the track with us and answering questions. We just can’t believe he’s gone and won the Tour de France! I always thought he could do it and he has. It’s really inspired me to work hard and follow my dream.”

Alan Davis, who has been awarded an MBE for his services to cycling in Wales, is the Club’s Head Coach and was a volunteer there when Geraint started cycling. On watching Geraint’s winning ride he said “What an amazing moment for Geraint. Our training structure is set up so everyone’s got someone faster to chase and stretch them. With Geraint we have the ultimate mentor. We’ve had a lot of success over the years with Geraint, Luke Rowe, Elinor & Meg Barker and Owain Doull all achieving great things and they’ve all spent time back here with our young riders. Who knows, we may have a future champion watching today.”

Club Chair, Jo Phillips said “We always believed he could do it and we’ve all been on pins watching him every pedal stroke of the way in the last few days. It’s been amazing and we’ve had so much attention, with media coming from all over including Belgium to speak to our fantastic kids. The moment when we knew he’d done it, it was amazing with lots of cheering and a few very happy tears.”

After the weekend’s celebrations it will be back to training as normal next week for our members, putting all that inspiration into action.

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